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Internal Brace Method

+ Innovated Internal Brace Method

If you suffered an acute injury of knee joint and you are diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament injury (hereinafter “ACL” – anterior cruciate ligament), the method of ACL Internal Brace can be used for its reconstruction.

The principle of the method is suturing of ACL in case of its rupture from bone in the upper part – with regard to blood flow and ACL physiology, other types of ACL injury cannot be repaired using this method. Before the surgery your orthopaedic surgeon does not know, even with the ACL diagnosis, where your ligament ruptured but rupture in the upper part is the most common type. If the quality of ACL is maintained and the ligament is not excessively ruptured, we select the Internal Brace method that lies in implementation of a fixed band in close contact with the ligaments and its re-attachment to the bone in the place of rupture. The difference of this surgery and ACL classic reconstruction is predominantly in its shorter time period required for your return to sporting activities. In case of a good situation of ligament injury and problem-free surgery, we can talk about return to sport as soon as 8 weeks after the injury thanks to the innovated method of reconstruction. Channels of 4 mm width for implementing fixing items are drilled in Internal Brace method. We have adopted and improved the Internal Brace method at our clinic, where practically no bone loss occurs. This method is currently being presented and published, therefore it is not described here yet.  

The main element in this reconstruction is, however, the time. That is why you should not hesitate to consult your knee injury with our specialists in ORTHOMA s.r.o. and ORTHOMA PLUS medical offices. 

Do not be dismissed by other orthopaedics saying about the latest methods: “it has already been here”. Before other types of implants were used with the principle of reconstruction and suturing of ACL, with those implants there was not enough time for ligament healing. Tens of thousands of operated patients around the world speak for the Internal Brace method and we are happy that we can offer this method to you and even contribute to its innovation.

MUDr. Vladimír Macháček