CZ Clinic je nestátní zdravotní zařízení poskytující multioborovou jednodenní péči, u rozsáhlejších výkonů s pooperačním dohledem do druhého dne.

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Nanoscopy !



Nanoscopy, or NSC, is a new method provided at CZ Clinic s.r.o. We are the first medical centre in the Czech Republic that has purchased the device for NSC and has performed the “therapeutic and diagnostic” procedures. In principle, it is a method that sports orthopaedists start using for rapid diagnostics and lighter therapy of not only knee joint injuries. Thus it partially replaces magnetic resonance imaging. It is also more beneficial because lighter therapeutic procedures, such as treatment of meniscus or cartilages, can be performed while doing the diagnostics. Thin optics of the width of a wider needle that is inserted into patient's joint in local anaesthesia is concerned. In doing so the patient can watch the screen and discuss the issue with the physician. Entonox – a laughing gas-based medication decreasing patient's stress caused by ongoing surgery – is administered to our patients as a very beneficial supplement. Thanks to its short action, patients leave the surgery without crutches with full load on treated joint. Entire procedure takes about 10 – 20 minutes. After the surgery the patients are released to leave our clinic and we recommend that they rest for 3-4 days. The patients can leave on their own, usually without crutches and can drive a car. Therefore there is no need for 24 hour monitoring after general anaesthesia and there are no risks connected with general anaesthesia. As for sporting activities – if the joint is not swollen, patients can exercise on a stationary bicycle the next day after the surgery and swim 10 days after the surgery. Light running should rather be consulted with the physician, depending on the diagnosis. The surgery wound is covered only with sterile plasters, there are not classic sutures – so there is no need to wait for the stitches to be taken out. Immediately after the surgery, at the operating room, hyaluronic acid can be applied into the joint (additional payment – starting at CZK 1000) or ACP – they help healing.


To conclude… do not be afraid of nanoscopy. It is a minor diagnostic procedure with possible treatment of your issues at early stage – whether you have pain or injured joint. There is no need for other paraclinical examinations and no need for general anaesthesia. Thus the time of your treatment is shortened (no need for pre-surgery examinations, MRI, etc.). For more information please call Orthoma / Orthoma plus offices and ask our cooperating physicians…


MUDr. Vladimír Macháček