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The Methods of Knee Joint Injury Treatment

at CZ Clinic Prostějov

Have you injured your knee and are you going to undergo a surgery? The following information will provide you with an overview on modern methods that can be offered at our clinic.

Meniscus injury

In case of injured meniscus we always follow the rule of “saving the meniscus”. Meniscus is divided into several zones and it cannot be reconstructed by suturing in all of the zones but if indicated, it is our priority. The options of meniscus “reconstruction” need to be understood too. We use modern implants such as Arthrex Meniscal Cinch and Meniscal Cinch II ( Also the outside-in method is applied into the meniscus external zone. Our orthopaedic surgeons are appropriately qualified and experienced in such reconstructions and whenever your meniscus can be sutured or reconstructed, they predominantly consider your health not the time during which you need to be healed.

We also now perform meniscus transplantation.

Cartilage injury

Cartilage injuries are among the most serious knee joint injuries. There are several types of cartilage injuries and at our clinic we are able to provide you with a complex solution. A basic treatment of cartilages is their anchoring and attaching back into their position. We use “Chondral Dart” implants in combination with ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma) application for that purpose. Unfortunately, there are frequent cartilage injuries that cannot be reconstructed – so called cartilage “defect” occurs. These defects are divided into 4 grades according to Outerbridge classification. Subsequent therapy is selected based on the level of damage. Grades 1 to 3 are for local treatment with drills and so called cartilage “grinding”. In case of grade 4 (the most serious damage with exposure of bone under the cartilage), we choose Graftnet implantation that we have very good experience with in the first term or second term.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) / posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury

Treatment of anterior cruciate ligament is a very frequent surgery at our clinic. Currently we can provide you with all possible and known types of reconstructions of anterior cruciate ligament – from the most modern methods of reconstruction such as Internal Brace and the very latest no-bone-lost Internal Brace, after which you can return to sporting activities fast (see the Internal Brace article), to classic reconstructive surgeries such as all-inside ACL repair (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction without scars), BTB and STG reconstructions using a classic method, ACL re-reconstructive surgeries by cadaveric transplants (from donors). We use the latest implants, mostly implants made by Arthrex, then Johnson & Johnson and Biomet Sport Medicine, as the fixing items. What type of the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery will be the most suitable for you? We decide based on the type of ACL injury, time after the injury and, last but not least, on your sporting and working activities.

Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (PCL) using a BTB and STG transplant is a standard surgery at our clinic. Again, we are able to offer you the latest methods such as all-inside reconstruction of PCL and even also re-fixing of tibia PCL rupture. Injury of so called posterolateral complex is often related to the PCL injury – here we complement an open reconstruction. PCL reconstruction is a demanding surgery, therefore only Macháček, MD and Malec, MD perform it at our clinic. This surgery is performed solely in mutual assistance of both of the surgeons. However, with regard to high number of operated patients with this type of injury, this surgery is a common practice in their performance.

We not only dispose of the latest technology and implants but also of our doctors' experience gained during internships abroad. Our doctors regularly participate in workshops and congresses in our country and abroad within their education and training

Don't be afraid of knee joint arthroscopy, in cooperation with our experienced personnel and appropriately qualified anaesthesiologists we do our best to make the time, during which you need our help, pleasant.

PCL is performed by:

  • prim. MUDr. Vladimír Macháček
  • MUDr. Tadeáš Malec
  • MUDr. Roman Hanák
  • MUDr. Tomáš Petrů


MUDr. Vladimír Macháček