CZ Clinic je nestátní zdravotní zařízení poskytující multioborovou jednodenní péči, u rozsáhlejších výkonů s pooperačním dohledem do druhého dne.

ortopedické operace, artroskopie, kyčelní kloub, gynekologické zákroky, chirurgie

CZ Clinic


CZ Clinic is a private health facility providing multi-disciplinary day care; and post-surgery care overnight until the next day in larger surgeries. The facility has a new operating room with modern equipment and newly built in-patient clinic with 11 beds, 3 of the beds for acute post-surgery care. Each room is equipped with a WC and shower, TV-set and Wi-Fi. We perform orthopaedic surgeries, including knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle arthroscopies. We also perform gynaecological procedures within the scope of one-day surgery and out-patient procedures. The CZ Clinic team of fully qualified doctors and nurses is ready to help you solve your health issues with a high level of expertise so that you are satisfied!


To make an appointment for orthopedic clinics, please call: +420 601 171 186.